Convert Crowd to clients

What We Aim For?

 Our Digital Ad Vehicles generate excellent exposure and high-impact impressions at the street-level. They are exceptional for brand awareness and recognition.  At L&B promoters we pride ourselves on a professional, consultative, creative, flexible and customer focused approach allowing the client to make sure their product is always one step ahead of the competition. 

What is a Digital Ad Vehicle?

 A digital ad vehicle or digivan is a giant LED screen. This screen is mobile, so you can take it anywhere you want. The board doesn’t just deliver a bright picture; you can display a moving image. This means you can have video and audio playing out on your advertising campaign. Imagine parking this up in a city centre location with your advert playing out loud for all to hear.Videos are a great advertising tool as they allow engagement with your potential customer.

What We do?


Our vehicles operate on flexible 8-hour shift patterns. This means that we could potentially be delivering your message. This would enable you to target different demographics for your product or service on the same day.

Our Digital Ad Vans are designed to deliver your companies message directly to your target audience. Our entirely Mobile LED screen can push your message to a wide range of different demographic. Just imagine the possibilities, we can put the van in different locations such as football grounds and city centres. With such a focused way of targeting people while in the spending mood, you can get a fantastic return on investment.